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Reach audiences with your ads during screenings of Sándor’s New Zealand Trail (formerly ’Behaviors of the Backpacker’) or other programs on new global broadcaster, The Venture Channel. Ads cost less than you think.

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Documentary film Sándor’s New Zealand Trail will be screening on new global TV broadcaster The Venture Channel through 2013 and beyond. The program tells the story of American director Sándor Lau’s 500 km trek across New Zealand meeting fellow international backpackers and indigenous Maori people. The film will screen at least four times per month in that period and two minutes of ads are available during each screening. This is a single 44-minute program that plays in a one-hour broadcast slot.

Sándor’s New Zealand Trail was originally released in New Zealand (as Behaviors of the Backpacker) where it was made and had a popular life on domestic TV and DVD. See the trailer here: or the entire film here: Please contact for password to access full program. Sándor is looking to build relationships with the right advertisers to continue on in future projects.

The Venture Channel focuses on outdoor adventure and international travel. The channel draws audiences similar to National Geographic, Discovery and the Travel Channel. In the US, the Venture Channel is available through Roku and netTALK TV Roku is an internet TV interface box similar to Apple TV. NetTALK TV offers a TV-like experience online similar to Netflix or Hulu. Combined, these two platforms reach nine million viewers of which the Venture Channel anticipates capturing 10-12%, or about a million people as regular viewers.

Internationally, The Venture Channel is distributed by Vivicast and has potential audience markets of 750,000 in Malaysia, 80,000 in South Korea, 200,000 in Australia and 1.5 million in India. Additional international markets are currently being locked down worldwide, including China. Broadcast is in English, with appropriate subtitles. The Venture Channel will also be available with Spanish subtitles in the US and Latin America.


The audience for The Venture Channel and Sándor’s New Zealand Trail skews on the younger side of 18-54 and relatively educated. This audience loves nature, travel, health and the outdoors. They come from all over the world, primarily from middle-class backgrounds with sufficient income and time to engage in outdoor pursuits and travel. International audiences speak some degree of English but the most effective ads globally will be those that emotionally connect to audiences through pictures and music more than written or spoken language. Spots also available during broadcast of other Venture Channel shows if more appropriate to advertiser’s audience.


Advertising spots are available in 15, 30 or 60 second lengths. This is an ideal opportunity for outdoor products retailers, especially those who can offer their products globally and want to enhance or build a worldwide brand. This is also a perfect opportunity for travel destinations for adventurers who want to go see the great outdoors themselves or online businesses or digital products (like websites or phone apps) available worldwide.

Ad time is also available free to selected registered nonprofit organizations (NGOs) benefiting the environment, indigenous peoples or other charitable causes that resonate with Sándor’s brand and values. Nonprofits must provide benefits to populations across the US or New Zealand or in multiple countries, or provide benefits serving large populations in the Western US or Northland, New Zealand. Offers including in-kind provision of some outdoor equipment or camera and audio equipment will be considered. Please also provide information on what will be advertised as there must be a nexus or affinity with Sándor’s brand and values. Advertising for the right brands and products can also be incorporated on Sándor’s website,

Base price model

15-second slot: $200

10x 15-second slots: $1,750

30-second slot: $250

10x 30-second slots: $2,000

1-minute slot: $350

10x 1-minute slots: $3,000

We strongly recommend repeated screenings of ads to to achieve results.

Synopsis of Sándor’s New Zealand Trail

In Sándor’s New Zealand Trail, Sándor Lau, the Eagle Scout and Fulbright Scholar your mother warned you about, walks 500km alone from Auckland to Cape Reinga, New Zealand’s geographic and spiritual tip. This black comedy road trip documentary records the stories of backpackers from around the world, organic farmers, hostel owners, tour operators, Maori communities, and the filmmaker himself. On his journey, Sándor discovers how much a toothbrush handle weighs, why we spend our lives walking backwards and the true distance to home.