Sándor’s New Zealand Trail

Sándor Lau, the Eagle Scout and Fulbright Scholar your mother warned you about walks 500km across New Zealand. Along the way he discovers how much a toothbrush handle weighs, why we spend our lives walking backwards and the true distance to home. Playing on The Venture Channel in 2013! Would you or someone you know like ad time during Sándor’s New Zealand Trail screenings? Please email me.

Squeegee Bandit

Starfish is a Maori man who survives by washing car windows at intersections on the mean streets of South Auckland, New Zealand. He's a born hustler with an extreme personality-magnetic charisma, infectious humour, and a vicious temper.

Squeegee Bandit follows Starfish's struggles through nine months, three cars, two women, thirty residences, three weeks of homelessness, a hundred run-ins with the cops, one court date, a kilo of marijuana, a closet full of skeletons, finding God and the Zen of window washing.

Squeegee Bandit was an official selection over 20 international film festivals and nominee for best digital feature, Air NZ Screen Awards (NZ Oscars).

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