Sándor’s Storytelling

How to Get Free Lodging or Adventures in Couchsurfing, live at the Moth StorySLAM, Portland, Oregon. Sándor pays more than he bargained for trying to Couchsurf for free lodging.

Sándor’s Hawaiian Missile Crisis, live for Boldly Went Podcast, Portland, Oregon. Sándor was enjoying the perilous climb up the knife edge ridge of Olomana Peak in Oahu, Hawaii. Until he got an alert that The Donald’s and Rocket Boy’s squabbling might cut his life a little shorter than planned.

The World is Like Snow, live for Boldly Went Podcast, Portland, Oregon. When Sándor was on the verge of homelessness and sleeping on the office floor to make ends meet, cross-country skiing was his refuge. Until his car was broken into and his gear taken by someone who likely had worse housing problems than he did. And taught him to appreciate the good things he had.

How to Live Richly, live at Sunday Assembly, Portland, Oregon. Think of Sunday Assembly as non-religious church with a TED talk. Sándor talks about finding your ikigai, the confluence of what you love, what you are great at, what the world needs, and what the world will pay you for. This is your purpose. And how to live richly, which includes financial success. Money can’t make you happy. But poverty can guarantee you misery. You can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you food, shelter, health care, transportation, and free time. Try being happy without these.

Sándor’s Magic Hour Tour of Oregon, or Why Sleeping in is Overrated, live at Mazamas Mountaineering Center, Portland, Oregon. Recovering photographer, writer, and filmmaker Sándor Lau relapses to give an illustrated tour of Oregon at that fleeting magic hour just after sunrise and just before sunset where Mother Nature shows off her best. He got up early to take these pictures so you don’t have to!